We had a great meeting this morning, with a small church plant in Lodz full of young people.
Alan will tell you how the mtg went…..(this is Alan) “apart from the guys from the UK everyone else was under 30. Here was a church that had been crying out for revival ,meeting regularly to that end.the worship was electric with a strong sense of the presence of God.

Mike got up to share and imparted a expectancy in faith that people can be saved in Lodz. The Holy Spirit was all over the message and many of us felt the passion Jesus has for the lost, several weeks ago I had begun to pray for specifically for Lodz believing that their would be an outpouring of the spirit there.”

Straight after the mtg the church went out with us into the city and almost immediately Paul led a man through to Christ! PTL

Then on the way to city centre Mike got questioned by the police

It was amazing in the square everywhere you looked there were people being prayed with or people reading gospel tracts! Pictures do not really do it justice!!









Twelve more people became Christians during this time…. And for me (Mike) what was really sygnificant was it was the church young adults that were leading people through to Christ!!
God has called the fivefold ministry to equip the church for works… Not to do the works for the church!
Thanks again for the prayers… Alan and I are exhausted!!!
These are the guys from the church plant that nearly doubled in size today!