I had a great day on Friday in Vysoke Mýto and then much later in a town called Blansko. 

In the morning Pastor Zdeněk and I walked into town for Market day where we were joined by Monika and a few others. The atmosphere was really beginning to change as we gave out tracts and spoke to people. One young lady Anna, ran after me to receive a tract, later I spoke with her and her partner Jacob who seemed really open to Spiritual things. A big change to being largely ignored for the last few days.

On Saturday I have to detour South rather than continuing east as I have a special appointment. I will be joined for the last week by a young man called Josiah Lambert from the UK . He will be walking with me for the next week.

I was never going to make Brno in a day , so the local believers put me on a train to Blansko, just short of Brno. When I arrived in Blansko , I was joined by some local believers who walked with me and prayed around the town of Blansko. 

The highlight of the day, apart from my lunch time meeting,(See previous blog), was meeting David. He had previously gone to church many years before and had been hurt . He never stopped believing but had wandered from the Christian faith and was drinking and generally down hearted. I was able to pray with him as he began to get on track with Jesus. 

The next will be challenging, we have no strong contacts and don’t know where we will stay on the journey between Brno and Ostrava. Please pray.