I was glad to reach the Czech’s second city Brno on Saturday afternoon. I had eyed the skies cautiously as My weather forecast said 90% chance of thunderstorms. I Entered the city centre with a guy called John who translated for me. My first impression was that people were far more open to talk about Jesus than previous days. 

I saw a young lady Lucia walking with a limp, I felt the father’s compassion and went over to talk to her and pray for her healing. She was very open and became emotional as the Holy Spirit gently ministered to her. She was shy about praying out loud, but surrendered her life to Jesus. My interpreter, who had asked me about follow up, invited her to his church.

As we entered the main square there were already a diverse group of believers worshipping there, with groups of predominantly young people stood around engaged in conversation about Jesus. I was able to talk with and pray with several people including a young lady with a broken finger. 

The Heavens finally opened, as lightning flashed across the sky and thunder boomed. Everyone ran for cover. I am not sure of exact details, but was told that there were others who prayed to receive Christ today.

I have been joined by Josiah for this coming week, it is a new day today.