on December 2nd 1805 Napoleon and his troops inflicted a heavy defeat on the combined Austrian and Russian armies at Austerity, inflicting around 20000 casualties. It is considered Napoleon’s greatest tactical triumph. Today we walked right through the scene of that battlefield 212 years later.

We set out much later than we would normally would and Josiah was sprinting up steep hills with the cross on his shoulder, leaving me in his wake. I wanted to get a photo but I wasn’t quick enough. However I reminded myself of the old story of the tortoise and  the hare. At the end of the day that story played out again in 2017.

After we got out of Brno It was mostly open road and we were making fast progress. Another thunderstorm struck, thankfully we got to a petrol station before the downpour really hit. The guy in the shop made us each the strongest coffee, I  have ever had. 

When the rain stopped we pushed on again, resisting the charms of McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway. As we walked, Josiah spotted a purse at the side of the road. He picked it up, inside was about 1000 Czech Koruna and also ID. Our first thought was the Lord has provided, but we immediately decided to hand it in at the police station at the next town, (honest!). 

Within a 1 km, a police car pulled in front of us, there had been reports of two men making off with a stolen cross. We showed our passports to be checked and handed in the purse. The police men really enjoyed all the paperwork. 

The police car, with a purse on the bonnet.

We gave the officers gospel tracts, and they asked if it was alright if the kept them. we pushed till around 5pm when Alan sensed that Josiah was fading fast and decided it was time to find food, bed and a shower. Thankfully after a little search we found somewhere. We checked in and the owner blessed with a free evening meal. Look at Josiah’s ribs!!
He gave, he took away, he gave again. Blessed be the name of the Lord.