This weekend was spent in Brno, the Czech Republic’s second largest city of around half a million people. It was beautiful to be able to cooperate with what the Holy Spirit’s was doing in people’s lives even though sometimes we are unaware of what is happening at the time. 

Alan and Josiah met with a local church in the morning and they gave the whole morning over to us. Alan shared from the word and told many stories from our walks across Europe. At the End we prayed for the church and Alan had a word from God, for one of the key people, who wept openly as we prayed for him.

We went out for lunch and in the afternoon and few of us went out on the streets.

Josiah got to carry the cross through the city, though he had to wrestle it away from a local guy John, who wanted the honour and is desperate to have a cross the nations polo top like us.

Just as we were concluding, Alan was approached by a Slovak guy called Martin, who was asking genuine questions about what we were doing. Al was joined by his host this weekend who is also called Martin and originally from Slovakia too. The two Martins talked for some time in their native tongue, while Alan stood alongside quietly praying. it transpired that Martin had been working in Prague. unfortunately he had not been paid and was trying to get back to Slovakia even though he had  little money. He didn’t have enough to get back. Martin opened his wallet and gave the other Martin what he had in cash, which wasn’t quite enough. The whole conversation had been in Slovak, But Alan felt prompted to give him some money also, and unbeknown to him it was the exact amount to make up the shortfall. At this point Martin began to cry, with relief and thanksgiving to God for his kindness we were able to pray with him , having prior to this given him a new testament.

Alan and Josiah, continue east towards Ostrava today. Please pray for them as it will continue to be a physical and spiritual challenge.