As we move eastwards we are more convinced than ever that the Czech Republic needs to hear about Jesus. Today was hotter than before, but we pressed on towards the town of Vyskov and then later Prostějov. Despite spending a long time on the open road, our desire meet with people particularly young people.

Josiah walking the white line. He did 13km without swapping this morning.

As we began to speak to teenagers it became clear that they had never heard the good news of Jesus before. They were hearing a meaningful presentation of what was achieved through the cross and the resurrection of Jesus for the very first time.

When we got to Prostějov, the town was full of young people. It was a privilege to watch Josiah, speak about Jesus finished work at the cross with groups of youths.

Romans 10 verse 14 says, “How can they hear without someone preaching to them”?  Verse 15 goes on to say,” And how can anyone preach unless they are sent.”

The Czech Republic is a predominantly  an atheistic nation, and a generation is growing up with no knowledge of Jesus . We know we are sent of God to turn the tide. Besides the witnessing to the glory of Christ, hours of prayer for this Nation have gone up as we tread the tarmac.