First of all apologies for the lateness of the blog. Yesterday we had a tough days walking , with a late finish and a very early start this morning. Yesterday was tough, not because of distance but because of terrain and heat.

Olomouc is a beautiful city, one of the prettiest cities in the Czech Republic. It has a population of over 100000 people with less than 400 believers in the city. We made a point of getting people to come to us to take a gospel tract, till we ran out of that days supply.
 In the Evening we were collected by Eric a local pastor, who let us stay in his home. He had to be at work early so dropped us in town, so we could start walking at 7:30AM. We were grateful because today was another hot day and we wanted to cover as much distance as possible in the cool of the morning.

After yesterday’s exertion, Josiah asked a pertinent question, ” why bother walking all this distance, if you can just arrived in town some other way and just set up the cross when you get there?”

God answered that question today. As we walked from village God gave us more meaningful conversations than previously this week.

At lunchtime, we found somewhere, and we didn’t have enough money for lunch. Josiah prayed whilst in the loo and the guy gave us free lunch.

The highlight was this afternoon as we arrived in Lipník nad Bečvou As we approached a Penzion the owner Pavel came out and welcomed us.  Brought us inside, gave us drinks and told us he has one room left and we can have it. Alan wanted to clarify,”Don’t we have to pay?” and Pavel said,” bed, evening meal and breakfast tomorrow all free.” Pavel has known Jesus for 3 years. Alan was tired and a little emotional and almost cried on the guy. God is so good. We believe something significant is going to happen soon.