A super tough day today, the thermometer hit 27° and the tarmac was starting to melt. I even left footprints on the road. 


Click the link above For Josiah’s amazing testimony. Al went to find  ice cream, leaving Josiah with the cross in the town square. While Alan was gone, a man approached Josiah, speaking English, asking where he was from. He pointed at the cross and said, “That’s a good idea”.  He shook Josiah’s hand gave him 2000 Koruna, walked away and disappeared. We don’t know where he came from or where he went.

While this was happening Alan took a phone call to say that someone, we don’t know, has booked us into a hotel for bed, breakfast and evening meal. With all this supernatural provision , we know God is with us. We know that we will see salvation in the next 3 days. Join with us in giving thanksgiving and believing for breakthrough.