It was a tough long day, but our final one of walking.The temperature dropped to a much more agreeable temperature. Ideal for the big push for Ostrava and the finish line. You may remember that 2 weeks ago, I led 2 people to Christ at the Prague Marathon. well just outside Ostrava we found ourselves on the course for the local Marathon.

There seemed to be a mutual respect as we passed runners coming in the other direction, they even gave us drinks, Bananas and chocolate.

As we were passing through one village, we were invited into an art gallery, by two photographers, father and Son both named Jan Janliepina.  Josiah was in his element, talking all things photographic. The two guys were so generous in feeding us, and making us have a shot of traditional plum vodka, Which Alan really struggled with!!

Jan Senior, gave us both a signed copy  of his book of photos, which appears to be very expensive.

We were able to pray with both of them before we left.

When we finally reached Ostrava, It seemed like the road into town lasted forever. we stopped and I texted Daniel our host , it turned out we were literally 100 metres from the Church where we will be at tomorrow morning. The Holy Spirit orders our steps Whether we are aware of it or not. How cool is that?

 just one small foot note, Josiah walked 19km with the cross without swapping. So proud of him.