So it’s the longest day of the year and it feels like the hottest too. I have finally got the chance to deal with some unfinished business. It’s 38 days since the crosswalk in the Czech republic finished but because of a set of unusual circumstances, I was unable to write a final blog when we completed the walk.

We arrived in Ostrava on a Saturday evening after 2 weeks and 300 kilometres of gruelling walking. As far as I am aware 4 people made professions of faith in Christ whilst on the streets, which is a lot considering this is the most atheistic country in Europe. 

We finished up ministering in 2 churches in Ostrava. However by lunchtime I could feel the energy draining from me, by the time we were at the evening meeting at Troika, I knew I needed supernatural help just to stand up and speak. When we returned to our hosts in the evening, I was feeling really bad. At this point I was wondering if it was heat exhaustion or maybe the flu.

On the Monday morning we were dropped at the train station for our return to Prague and then our flight home. Josiah was a massive help as I was struggling even to walk.  The day lasted forever eventually I boarded the plane to London and thankfully my wife Sarah was there to collect me.

On returning home, I still felt unwell. On the Wednesday, my wife Sarah experienced a tightening in her chest and realised it was a physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit expressing that I was seriously ill. She rang our local doctor who saw us within an hour. When we saw the doctor, she immediately realised it was serious and arranged for me to be admitted to Hospital. within in another hour I was in a bed on a drip.

It turned out I had pneumonia with the added complication of Sepsis.  I spent the next 5 nights in hospital being treated marvelously by the NHS.  On returning home I discovered that I was very weak and extremely unsteady on my feet. Over the last few weeks I have been told to just rest and it is only this week I have started to feel anything like my normal self. This has curtailed some of our outreach for the summer but I will return to the road in the autumn with a vengeance. 

Please pray for both Alan and Mike, This has been a year of health challenges that we haven’t quite come through yet. All I know is that Ill health may have taken us out for a season but the Devil will regret taking us on, once we are back in the field again.