So good to be back carrying the cross! If you had visited me in hospital back in March or Alan back in May, you would understand when I say, “God is truly amazing”

Today should have been difficult for other reasons too, ‘Storm Ophelia’, and yet it felt to us like we were travelling just in front or just behind its visit.

We left Beersbridge road Elim church, said goodbye to Pastor John and Robert, then left for Hillsborough.

Thanks for the great hospitality, as well as enjoying ministering, chilling out with you and yours was real fun.

Today has been full stops & starts because provision and chances to sit down with people has been in abundance!

Some pics of folk we have shared with and enjoyed mutual benefit.

Not long into the journey Alan prayed for this guy’s back, he’d just got out of his van in agony. Pastor John was amazed to hear this because a member of his congregation starts working at the Ulster Tatler today! This story is not over then!

Pray for Michael.

Tomorrow we head for Banbridge