Al and I have just been talking about yesterday’s provision….it started with a builder spotting us waking past a farm shop…caught us up and handed over a bag with 2 bananas, 2 pears & 2 apples.

Then a free lunch from Paul at Oscars on the A1

Then a lady put £100 in my hand outside some shops, she said she  saw us walking in the rain on the dual carriageway and it inspired and encouraged her faith.

Then eating a delicious dinner in a pub, when asking for the bill, the waitress spoke of a couple who enquired about our mission when they saw the cross. She went on to say they had paid our bill in full!

And last but not least a lovely lady called Joy from a church in Newry paid for us to stay in a local hotel….. this was amazing as the pastor wouldn’t let us bring our cross inside the church.

What an amazing day of God’s provision!Would you join with us in praising God for this….