Some days we sow, some days we reap and other days we spend in deep discussion explaining the reason for the hope we have. The day began with Al having a 45 minute chat with a Dutch guy who was an atheist.

The rain fell hard again today, but it is Ireland after all.

When we reached Dublin, the weather was changeable. regardless we met with and spoke to people all over the city.

Towards the end of the day we had our best conversation with 2 Muslim lads and their lapsed Catholic mate Daniel. When Mohammed and Naseem left, Daniel came back to chat some more and got a bit more clarity for his journey.

Evening was approaching and we still hadn’t got anywhere to stay. We checked out a couple of places which were either full up or very expensive. We were unperturbed. A short while later Mike was contacted by a lady back in the UK who had been praying for us. The Lord had put it on her heart to book us into a bed and breakfast. Although she knew we were in Dublin, she didn’t know exactly where we were. It turned out our digs were a 3 minute walk from we were standing.

When we arrived, one of the staff Petar helped Mike take the cross round the back. 2 times they were stopped by passers by, and Petar waited patiently while Mike shared the message of the cross.

Something must of impressed him, because he personally has paid for us to have breakfast at a nearby restaurant tomorrow morning.