So God provided wonderfully for us yesterday, So first thing,  it was time for us to enjoy the breakfast paid for by a member of staff at the bed and breakfast. Only We forget to take the voucher with us. Al walked back to get another one, we eventually enjoyed a lovely breakfast to come out of the pub and find the cross gone. 

So now facing disaster we looked round the corner and couldn’t see it anywhere. Thankfully the pub had hid it for safe keeping, and one of the staff walked round the corner nochantly carrying the cross.  We then got the tram to the end of the red line to get to the Firebrand Church. 

We had a great time with Tommy and Brenda Hanrahan and the Firebrand Church. Mike preached up a storm.
  Then Alan made an appeal for salvation to which 3 people responded. Here are 2 of the guys Derek and Glenn.

The other person responding was a lady who had decided that morning she wasn’t coming to church again.

Many people were prayed for concerning healing and several people testified afterwards to receiving a healing touch.

Pastor Tommy is a real characer a former gangster he has been shot twice, stabbed in the back with  a knife. He has been struck in the head with a scythe on two occasions and hit over the head with a lump hammer. Needless to say he and his wife Brenda are the loveliest people you could meet.