Back home from Ireland and already talking and planing the next crosswalk!

In reflection walking with the cross has felt as normal for me as 2 years ago before any signs of heart disease. I believe I am healed! I know we can be flippant about these things but I feel sure that there has been divine healing in the mix! Climbing steep hills carrying the cross as well as a full pack, 7 months after a quintuple heart bypass is surely proof of God’s intervention.

Alan has made a full recovery from sepsis ( that 1 in 3 people die from) which he somehow picked up whilst on a crosswalk in Czech Republic. He also has been carrying the cross as strong as ever!

Our last Sunday in Ireland was at Firebrand Church Dublin, and these guys especially the Pastor really were ‘brands plucked from the fire!’ We loved being there: a church full of new believers from the local estate, many coming off heroin and turning from crime.

3 people responded to the gospel… one lady came to the church determined it was her last time…. changed her mind!

Some professed to the Pastor of being healed, one guy with fractured vertebrae…. said pain gone and movement improved!

Brillant time encouraging Pastor Tommy & Brenda.  P.Tommy has been shot twice ( once point blank range….makes my scar look insignificant!) stabbed in the back (literally) slashed across the top of his head with a scythe! And wacked over the head with a lump hammer.

Join us in prayer as we continue to walk the nations and win for the Lamb the reward of His sacrifice.