So, for the last few weeks every Monday, Alan has taken up the cross and walked from Farnborough into the middle of Aldershot.  Usually we walk from town to town rarely visiting the same place twice. So to walk in this manner was something new.

Well today, Alan really didn’t feel like going and was looking for a reason to stay home. He had a text early in the morning asking if he was going. His response, ” The flesh says no but the Spirit says yes.”

Then Sarah, Alan’s wife said would you like me to walk with you? Not only did she Come with him, she carried the cross for almost a mile!!

When they reached Princes Gardens in Aldershot, she immediately got into conversation with a guy called Phillip.

So much of what she had been speaking to people about Father’s love recently, came into play and was really relevant for Phillip. After a while, Alan Pete and Angela were invited over to join in the conversation. Sarah asked if Phillip would allow us to pray for him. As she prayed, tears ran down his face, it was a Holy moment. Pete told him to look him in the face as he said, “perfect love drives out fear.”

Before We left him, Phillip prayed in his own words to receive Jesus.  We took his contact details and invited him to our group that meets in the pub across from where we met him.

Sarah now believes that this crosswalking lark is easy. Seriously though, It was all by the grace of God, who ordered our steps and had us be in the right place  at the right time.