We got looked after today by Pastor Romas and Loretta in Telšiai. We had a great time of fellowship with them over breakfast and Mike shared a prophetic word which resulted in tears….

It was hard on the streets today, a few fair chances to share the gospel but not easy!

However, these two read the gospel from cover to cover and then, giving back the tracts, said “no thank you!” But wait!!!! It’s too late, the seed has been sown anyway…..

Alan & me we’re praying whilst walking around the lake, “God, give us the breakthrough.”

The sun was beating down on us, so we took shelter in a seated area. Then two young teenage lads came in , lent up their bikes and sat opposite us. They saw the cross and Alan told them what we were doing. One of lads called Earnestas gave us some of his crisps! ( that’s significant) Whenever anybody gives some material provision to us on these trips it seems to shift Heaven’s provision towards them!

Mike then said to the boys,

“the first time I ever wondered if there was a God was when I was your age! I remember thinking, walking home from school, I I wonder what happens at the end of our lives. I just couldn’t accept that there was nothing else!”

Mike then asked if they had ever thought like that and Martynas said he had. This opened up a great conversation with us doing our usual tag gospel share!

We explained the cross and sin quite extensively before bringing a challenge to the lads.

Ernestas asked a question about if we can ever see God, which resulted in us talking lots about the character and nature of our Heavenly Father.

When we asked if they would like to know God personally they both sincerely responded with a yes!

Such an amazing God encounter as the two boys prayed!

Alan then prayed for them… Wow! Thank you Lord, could go home now on that!

Wait a minute, one more cool thing, we had been given two New Testaments in Lithuanian! So the lads left us with the Word of God in their hands….

Later we grabbed a cold drink ( and Alan had an ice cream) at a cafe nearby and when we went to pay, the woman said, “no pay!”

Once again, provision from someone opens the way for God to bless and reveal himself.

Alan took the lady’s hand and began to pray. The waitress’s eyes began to fill up with tears!

The Holy Spirit moved powerfully and Al spoke into her life!

Wow….what started as a hard first half of the day, finished quite fruitfully.

This is Violet