Today in Kaunas .began and ended with thunder, lightning and heavy rain, but somehow the boys managed to keep dry. When the heavens opened we took shelter in mamas pizza. The owner and one of his mates had been drinking all night and invited us in. They were amazed that we were walking across Lithuania with a large cross. They offered us alcohol, but we negotiated them down to water and coffee. After a while one of them began to sober up and began to share his own personal heartache. Alan prayed with him as did Mike a few minutes later. His comment, ” I have received truth from Jesus,’ and “What you have is too strong for me.”

later in the day, we were in the old town and we were invited to join two off duty police officers for lunch Darius and Egidijus. One was a Catholic the other was an unbeliever. We had real good fun with them as we shared about Jesus the source of our salvation. Darius kept trying to get us to pray with Egidijus, who wasn’t so sure! As we left, Mike decided to go back and offer to pray. Prayer was received and it was a special moment.

We have found a principle at play in our journey, whenever someone has blessed us materially or with hospitality they have received spiritually.

However We have saved the best story till last. Mike made a terrible mistake yesterday, he accidentally left all his medication at the place we stayed previously. We had contacted Monika but she was no longer home. She had gone to Klaipeda 200km away but her sister Justinas and brother in law Deividas were staying at her apartment, she would get them to look.

The medication was found but we were now 36 hours and 50 km down the road. So this couple, who didn’t know us, now had to drive an hour down the road, to return Mike’s medicine. We knew and apparently so did they that there was a higher purpose at work in these circumstances.

So there we were in Hesburger, telling Deividas, there are two things men don’t like doing. 1 admitting they are wrong and secondly asking for help. He had been troubled by demonic dreams and there was clearly a spiritual battle for his soul was taking place as we sat there together. Sometime later he and Mike went outside where Deividas surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Monika was so happy when she heard the news.

Tomorrow we will be speaking at a church in Kaunas, and then on Monday we push on to Vilnius.