You never can tell what will happen on a crosswalk. Today 6 of us walked from Brighton to Newhaven this afternoon. My fear was that it would be one of the quieter days when not much happening, and the team would be disappointed, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Before we tell you what happened today. We need to backtrack 24 hours.

Steve Eardley travelled down by train on Monday, on the last leg of his journey from St Pancras to Ashford international he met a Chinese couple on a train. Steve, as his custom, was reading his Bible. The lady asked him about it and said she had been studying the Bible for 7 years and was a believer. Steve was able to share the good news of Jesus through a wrist band he had been given by a young person in Bulgaria.

It wasn’t long before Steve was praying with the husband to receive Jesus.

Today started slowly as the team arrived an hour and half later than planned. After lunch we hit the road within the first mile two more people had responded to Christ. Firstly Ian a backslider came back to Jesus. Then Steve led a lovely Glaswegian lady called Sheena through to Jesus.

As we moved out of Brighton, we continued to have great conversations with folk and there was a real openess among people. The team, Steve, Marcus and 3 who had joined us for the day Justin, Jennifer and Chantelle, had a brilliant time, which was capped off by 3 more people opening their hearts to Jesus. They all testified to feeling a weight being lifted from them. So here are Rosie,Brian and Sam.

The day was done, We said our goodbyes to our 3 day walkers. Then Steve and Marcus said to Alan, ” what angles are you going to work for our bed tonight?” Know here is the rub, Alan had to confess he had nothing up his sleeve. ” Look guys, we have nothing yet, but let’s give thanks for a brilliant day and join hands and ask God to do something, because we have nothing yet.”

So we prayed and 30 seconds later a young lady approached us, as she had seen the Jesus men. she was a believer and found us a place to stay on a boat in Newhaven boatyard. She asked to carry the cross and was immediately impacted by the Holy Spirit and began weeping and thanking Jesus.

I could give much more detail but time doesn’t allow. Tomorrow we make for Eastbourne via Beachy Head. Please stand with us believing for many more to be impacted by the greatest news in the universe.