We knew it would be hot today and we also knew we had to cover a big distance before we got to the next sizeable town of Lanchkhuti. So we set off walking at 7am before it got too hot.

By 10am we had walked 15km and found somewhere to stop for breakfast, the owner of the takeaway gave it to us free of charge, we hung around a bit talking to the customers, some of whom wanted to buy us a beer!

We have found on this trip that most people read our gospel tracts from cover to cover, immediately on receiving them, so we know the word is being sown in their heart. At this juncture two guys read the tract intently, finished their breakfast waved and left. Then they realised they had left the tracts and came back to collect them.

In the afternoon a whole crowd of people got off a bus, Ben gave them all a tract, a man then invited all the boys into his home for something to eat and drink one of the bus passengers was also invited in to interpret.

We love getting invited into people’s houses! A great chance to witness for Jesus and a special time praying for this Georgian orthodox family before leaving.

At about 6:30 in the evening the lads arrived in Lanchkhuti exhausted after a 34 km jaunt in 32 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We were reminded how dangerous the roads were when we saw a large pig run out into the road and get hit by a truck, you will be glad we didn’t take photos as there were body parts everywhere. Please continue to pray for safety, provision and fruitfulness.