For the last two nights it has rained overnight, making it much cooler for walking in the day, for which we are thankful. The miles have taken their toll, Alan and Ben have felt the pace but Mike strides on like the phenomenon he is.

On Wednesday we set off from Lanchkhuti, it was a stop start sort of

morning where every few kilometres we stopped to talk to people along the road. We met this fellow 4 times and he showed us his Gideon’s New Testament and indicated he was a believer too. We thought he was trying to sell us shoes, which we didn’t want. However he was trying to bless us. We offered him money but he wouldn’t take it, later in the day he stopped us again and slipped 10 Euros in Alan’s pocket. We were all very humbled.

We had loads of opportunities to speak of the love of Jesus, with individuals and crowds of children who came running towards us.

several shops and customers have us food and drink to help us on our way. Here is Alan praying with the shopkeeper.

For the last 6 kilometres we followed a dirt track which saved us some distance as we were all struggling. Just as we joined the main road again, an expensive 4×4 Toyota pulled up,asked if we were English and did we need any help?

We were about 100 metres from a hotel and Mike explained we were just about to find somewhere to sleep, before we knew it we were packing up the cross and driven to a very luxurious house for dinner and bed. It turns out the lady of the house is a very significant person in the nation, having influence with high ranking government officials and members of the military and the Orthodox Church here.

To be continued……..