Sometimes we have to be discreet when it comes to high profile people.

As Alan has already said, after an amazing God incident we ended up staying at the house of an extremely influential lady in Georgia. Her body guard’s fire-arm on the dashboard was a slight give away!!!

Anyway having been absolutely spoilt with delicious food and anything we needed….this is what breakfast looked like by the way. Yes! That is Ben & Alan eating cake first thing in the morning!!!

This morning on the way to starting point, Mike shared the Gospel very clearly with the Lady with her daughter interpreting

She told us, “I believe God has sent you at this time to heal my body and explain how God is a great Father.”

I would love to say more, but there you go! Another crazy unexpected opportunity and a brilliant chance to sow a gospel seed in the life of someone who is highly respected by many high profile people in Georgia.

So, on to today, Alan’ s feet were in bad shape yesterday and looking like he wouldn’t be able to continue, but after praying for his feet at 3:15am this morning. He managed to walk 18km to the outskirts of Batumi.

more chances to witness to the Georgian people

Crazy walking today, a tad dangerous including walking through a tunnel

We had a little money, just enough to get a basic room in a guest house overlooking the Black Sea.

If you are someone who prays, at this point in time we have no church contacts in this city, not enough money to buy a proper meal or somewhere to sleep tomorrow night. We are at peace though that another twist is still to come!

Thanks everyone