Yesterday we helped a team from different churches in Batumi do some openair Evangelism and finished off the day with a concert

This is Pastor Elguja Inaishvili of Word of Life church. He arranged a bed for us last night and an amazing breakfast this morning….Ben even had fried eggs and chips!!!

Then off to the meeting this morning, ‘Word of life’ is the largest church in the city, about 100 folk.

The Pastor started with giving us 5 mins, then it went to 6, then 7 and then he said “it don’t matter.

Alan told them the story about how we stayed at the house of the Nationally known Psychic Lela Kakulia. As soon as he mentioned her name there was a raucous response of Oooh’s and Ahhhs and Wow’s!!!the general feeling in the room was, “how on Earth did you manage that?!! The simple truth is we didn’t but God did….

Alan went on to say how we ministered healing which she acknowledged and I had a great opportunity to talk very direct about the only way of Salvation!

The Holy Spirit led me to speak prophetically into the fellowship and into the life of the Pastor too

After the meeting it was off to the Istanbul Restaurant….best kebabs ever!

So…..Another tough but fruitful mission, in some ways different from others, but not without some crazy unexpecteds. We are looking forward to coming home all beit a 16 hour and 45 minuet journey, with a 10 hour stop over in Istanbul. Followed by a 4 hour drive back to Cheshire for two of us!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone around the globe who faithfully prayer for us, you know who you are. Please remember we ride on the prayers that you pray!

Thank you to Q branch ( Jon Cook & Rachel Saunders) for your tech skills. We love and respect the vital part you play. Especially in getting us home when it’s looking like a close call.

And of course, Thank you Lord for your amazing protection, provision and Grace to share Jesus. May your name be Glorified increasingly in Georgia.