‘We never take enough resources for it to work by itself

As soon As I met Mike and Alan at the airport I noticed something peculiar about them. Definitely not somebody you’d expect to play a role of a regular airline passenger. They walk a steady pace, calm and calculated, as if ready to do whatever is asked of them, at any moment, in any circumstances. I remember I noticed them on the spot from all the way across the hall, even though we had not met before. They stand out. Maybe it’s because they always show full confidence in whatever is to happen next, not knowing what it will be.

Or maybe it was that giant transport bag they carried, the biggest one I saw anyone put in the cargo hold of a passenger plane, I’m not really sure.

As we were driving to my home town of Ostrow, I remember how moved I was, having learned that these guys made it on foot across thirty nations. No arrangements, no financial securities, no bookings, no nothing. Just a big wooden cross, a couple of backpacks, and faithful hearts. Just two guys being obedient to Jesus and taking His words literally, like hardly anyone else would. Nicknamed ‘Crazy Brothers’ in Poland, their heads full of memories of how the Lord provided supernaturally, how the people they had met came to Christ, how Mike almost got nailed to his own cross and Alan almost lost his life under the wheels of a truck driven by a broken man. Listening to all that kind of makes you wonder if this is a film or performance you’re watching cause it sounds unbelievable to say the least.

As we got to know one another a little better and I got to hear more of their stories, there was another thing that struck me – their boundless faith and devotion to Jesus and the Gospel. They are literally dependent on God’s provision, not knowing what the next day would bring. And they have been doing this for ten years. Us, 21stcentury Christians, stuck in a rut of predictability, forecasts, insurance, and a sense of material security, find it difficult to even imagine living like this on a daily basis. 

Ten years. And not a day went by they weren’t provided by the Lord with everything they needed.

I gave up. After Sunday service in my church i decided I wanted in on whatever they were doing next. Just to see for myself how God is going to take care of them. Just to witness another small miracle on their path that I could cherish as a memory. Anything that was about to happen, I wanted to ride shotgun, at least for a day.

I drove them to Wroclaw, their next destination where they were supposed to start their walk from. Unfortunately, our attempts to find a place to stay among brothers and sisters in Christ failed miserably. It was getting dark, the rain was pouring down, and I was driving into the unknown, ready to witness the grace of God with Alan, Mike, and Radek, a brother from my church. 

Reality check called at a gas station when I realized it was late and I had no idea where we were supposed to go. It was still raining and I wasn’t going to just leave them like this, at the edge of a strange city. I remember we were sipping latte coffee, their faces relaxed, voices toned down, calm eyes, and me pretending I’m wasn’t worried. That was when a last, final though popped up; the only one I had, really. I decided to drive them to the only place I knew in Wroclaw – the Baptist Church. I didn’t really think much of it, it was Sunday evening and I knew everything would be closed, but I didn’t really know what else to do. 

But it wasn’t. As we drove by, we saw the lights were on. Mike and Alan went to check it out while I was parking the car. When I caught up with them I saw them speaking English to a lady in the church building before realizing I’m hearing a sermon in English. English?

Well, it turned out there was an International Church that I had no idea about, renting the building from the Baptists. 

And they had meetings on Sunday evenings, which I wasn’t aware of. 

And as soon as the pastor of the congregation, an American, learned who Mike and Alan were, he offered to take them in for the night, feed them, and provide for the next leg of their walk.

‘God provides’ said Mike in a gentle, reassuring tone as I was standing there trying to pick up a dropped jaw.

Gregory Tarkowski – professional interpretor ( Military & Political)