So last night Pastor Freddie decided to come find me and became my provision! After having a coffee he took me to a budget hotel and paid for my room.

It was 78 dollars…I actually had exactly enough to pay for it but Freddie threw the money back at me.

So I started today with $78 dollars.

This afternoon I met Ronald… a homeless guy who has just come out of hospital. He let me speak quite blunt to him and pray with him.

I felt God prompt me to not move on but to give Ronald some of my time.

Fast forwarding to tonight…. I arrived in a city called Hayward, it had got dark, cold and it was raining. So I’ve got 60 dollars left of the 78. I was tempted to use some of that on my 1st need and eat. Passing a really nice looking pizza restaurant wasn’t easy but I haven’t established a bed yet!

Next door to the pizza place was a Days inn. On enquiring, they wanted $149 plus tax. I told them I had $60, but after they worked a discount it was still $129 plus tax. It was the final price and there were quite abrupt about it.

They told me of a cheaper hotel a mile down the road and as I went to leave, the Manager Christy gave me $20 of her own money towards a room. Wow!!

Finally got to the other hotel only to find it was more expensive! And they weren’t giving discounts to crazy pastors.

So I thought I’ll go back to Days inn, i didn’t know why…. but I’d forgotten my pack At this second hotel and it was only halfway Down the road that I’d realised it…. flippin ech!!!

(Sorry this is long winded) meanwhile back at Days inn, the manager and her husband Pasqual, felt like they shouldn’t have let me go… they felt something which they couldn’t explain. They said,

“it was strange, we hoped you’d come back like it was meant to be, like you had something for us, i prayed even that you would”

So when I got back, thinking they’d be irritated, it was the opposite! They looked relieved and shocked cause she had asked God in a prayer! We talked about God but I didn’t need to do much, they were having a moment still!

After they both prayed to receive Christ, Christy told me her Mother was really into God and the Holy Spirit. There you go!!

They gave me the room for $80 dollars which I now had…and bought a pizza sent it to my room! ( from the same pizza restaurant I’d desired on the way in!!)

I’ve since been down to reception to spend more time with them sharing Crosswalk stories and teaching on the Holy Spirit.

I said call me anytime between now and when I leave in the morning to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Please pray for Christy and Pasqual that they get absolutely filled with Gods Spirit.