This is the 3rd WordPress post I’ve written about Wednesday, so have a look at the previous two if you haven’t already seen them.

This morning started with that amazing time with Christy & Pasqual from Day’s inn.

As I left them they gave me $100 for the road!

And then just a bit later, the lady who encountered Jesus when she saw the cross!

Not long after this a guy called Larry from San Leandro Times did an interview with me on the side of the road.

Then a missionary from Mexico stopped to encourage me, and while talking to her, a Catholic priest called Father Michael came along and blessed me on the road side…haha it was all kicking off!!!

As he he prayed “Father use Mike as he shares the Redemptive message of the cross…” I really felt one in the Spirit with him.

We walked together for sometime… an English pastor and an Irish Catholic priest!( there must be a joke there somewhere!!!) But seriously it felt really significant as we walked and talked…there was a unity!

“How can two walk together lest they agree..”

After parting company with Father Michael, I entered the region of Oakland on the International Blvd road….. my my! I don’t think I’ve ever walked in such a dark place! Drugs on every corner, dealers everywhere…. rubbish in the streets, homeless folk with all their stuff in shopping trolleys. And an overbearing stench of marijuana at every turn.

These three guys asked me to pray for them so we hooked up and I made the most of it!

Thanks for praying for me today…. had a couple of threatened moments, but knew God was with me…..many shouted and stopped me, I obviously couldn’t document all…especially giving the gospel to dealers and such.

Later I called in to a KFC and a Korean Christian businessman followed me in and treated me to lunch….. so cool!

We sat together, while he told me how he shares the Kingdom at his work place. Another Michael!

For the Last part of the journey I had my intercessor’s hat on. I noticed lots of Psychic shops open 7 days for business and equal if not more massive churches closed until Sunday service!

So, the Occult is on offer with their buildings open all week and church buildings padlocked up until Sunday???!! This church was close to the Psychic shop…’Faith & deliverance’, great! Just what’s needed….but not much good if it’s closed!

For much of today I think prayer was the best I did.