Tracts went out fast today, and one older man called Ronald peddled hard on his bike to catch me up.

He said, “you gave everyone a leaflet and missed me!” His lungs weren’t so good and was happy to let me pray…..God was present to heal. What a nice bloke!

I had two gangster types down the windows of their fancy wheels to take a gospel tract… a Mercedes Benz, I think a CLS type and a Tesla S model.

Today I reached San Francisco… and immediately was frowned upon by two police officers for buying a homeless fella a hotdog outside the City Hall. They were only doing their job I suppose but I was only doing mine!

Have a look at the video I posted from today on Cross the Nations fb page…. I had a brilliant time with him and once we got all his big objections out of the way… he then softened.

Also I got this from a lady by email who took a pic with me….

“Thanks Mike for the reminder that Jesus is always present, it was great to meet you. Stay blessed. Luron”

A few days ago I got an email from a guy at YWAM in the Tenderloin ( neediest Area of SF) I arrived there today around 5pm.

Base leader Tim Svoboda was genuinely happy to have me there and shared his knowledge on where to walk in the city… strategically.

Well, ive been offered a bed, thank you Lord!!

Not only that, a great bloke called Tom Willson took me for a curry….. come on!!!

How does he do it?! A friend once asked.

Like it’s anything to do with me!!!

Turns out, Tom is supported by a couple I was at Bible College with ( The Woods ) small world!

AND, Tom remembers hearing me speak the first time at #TG13

And here we are chatting for the first time in San Francisco.

The Cross is already on the platform!

I think the base leader has a few ideas up his sleeve for my involvement…

Thanks for praying everyone, really need for today and tomorrow as I walk around the city of San Francisco