This morning Tim ( base leader YWAM SF) asked me to hang around when they open their doors to the homeless.

Glad I did! Their outreach consisted of showers, haircuts, table tennis, hot drinks and prayer.the prayer room!

So whilst the guys waited for showers and haircuts I sat listened to some of their stories and shared mine.

One guy called André blew me away with his story…. once in ministry with his wife, burn out, betrayal & divorce….depression & away from God

After talking for sometime I looked him in the eyes and by the Spirit, told him it was time to come back! He filled up…..

It was like the Holy Spirit had hooked him!Prophecy started to flow, stuff about him Fathering these younger fellas and having many sons. Andre said he felt like he’d been called off the bench and back on the field. That’s exactly what just happened.

This is Andre. I also shared the gospel with a young man called Dave, who asked loads of great questions and another guy called Wayne.

Then, it was time to take the cross out….to an area that had to be done…..Castro! (SF gay community) I was warned several times about what might happen, but warnings can sometimes just be intimidation! Verbal or otherwise, opposition was quite light!

This guy ( far side of the road in leather skirt) shouted walking towards me, “HEY YOU, TAKE YOUR VENGEANCE AND GET OUT OF HERE, THIS IS THE GAY COMMUNITY. WE RAN THE LIKES OF YOU OUT OF HERE IN 2010!!!!

I just looked at him with sadness, people did give me a wide berth, but some took tracts & one or two talked.

Not rushing through, I walked around and up and down and prayed hard that the church would become effective in reaching such as these!

Through visiting YWAM, my new friend pastor Freddie Carter has now hooked up with base leader Tim Svoboda. I love it when a cross walk is instrumental in connecting ministries, churches and individuals!

Tomorrow is my last day of walking in San Francisco, there’s much ground to cover, it’s a city of many pioneers not all good!

If you could cover this in prayer, I’ll be walking from 5pm UK time.