Last night I stayed with Pastor Freddie Carter and his wife Tina

They even got the PG Tips out…. Come on!!!

The aim today was to try and cover the city as much as possible on foot. The hills were ridiculous!

Starting at the Golden Gate Bridge

I made my way to Chinatown along the coast taking in a clear view of Alcatraz and then over to the West of the city. It was ‘SantaCon’ today, where thousands of young adults and some older folk, fill union Square dressed in Santa stuff and go on a pub crawl! Suited me, they were up for chatting about my cause!

I talked to loads but hear’s a few pics with those I had really good conversations.


We all love reaping rather than sowing but I don’t see sowing a seed of the Kingdom as inferior! Our mission’s base scripture Luke 10….says “He” sends us before his face to where He Himself is going! Wow! What a promise….All these guys now have targets on them and God doesn’t miss!

I particularly had a brilliant talk with two police officers…

They were open to me and were glad that I was praying for their city. We talked about their biggest challenges and where they were struggling.

I carried on walking and praying, “man!! the roads were like a rollercoaster! I walked over to the other side before making my way back to Freddie’s house and a mile from his house this happened….

A young guy called Gobi and his wife Angelica drove past and Gobi felt that he had to circle back and talk to me. It’s a pretty neat thing when you know you’re having a divine appointment because you don’t need to strive or push! And the Holy Spirit just gives those right things to say, so you start talking as if you know them…well, this was one of those!

Much later while Gobi was receiving Christ on the sidewalk ( in front of his wife I may add…)guess who drives past? Yep, Pastor Freddie Carter!!! God does follow up best!

Take a look at the video I posted on Cross the Nations fb page.

Freddie took me for a meal out tonight and his brother in law joined us Eric Ckaybon.

Eric said, God had spoke to him about what I had been doing in San Francisco over the last 2 days.

He said, just like in Ezekiel 40, with the measuring rod and measuring line ( plum line), as I have carried the cross and declared truth around the city, God has been marking off the Land ready for what he is about to do!

Tomorrow I get to minister at The Well ministry Int church.

And then fly home.

Thanks again everyone for you encouragement and prayer!