It turns out that the ‘crazy brothers’ have a ministry to the bars in Slovenia!!!

I have to say, God’s provision on this trip has been amazing and today has been no exception!

Take this morning at around 10:30am. We were on the open road with no water and sweat was pouring from Al’s head….. so he went inside a rather nice pub to ask for water. The owner ‘Rock’ gave us a jug of water and two glasses. As we sat down, a fork and spoon was place in front of us on the table and two slices of home made apple strudel was delivered….. come on!!

Half way through the apple strudel, it was taken from us and put on the bar…!( we got it back later!!!)

“Sorry”, Rock Said.

“We should have served you the bowl of steak and vegetable soup first!”

Wow!! Alan and me couldn’t believe it, we were set up for the day.

Now, we have got a lot better at taking the initiative and stepping out in faith, so Mike got up and told Rock & Manser what happened when we prayed for a bar maid to be healed in Croatia. They were really impacted by the story and Rock shared how they’d recently lost his parents to cancer.

The situation opened up for us to minister and pray for them both…. great seed sown in these two! And a brilliant provision for us…..God is good!

Other bars were visited and free drinks were offered.

Also Mike and Al thought as it’s the last day walking we’ll treat ourselves to an ice cream…. but, we weren’t even allowed to do that because the owner gave it to us free!

Before being picked up by pastor Ivan for tomorrow’s preach, we sat in the sun, and read some of the earlier testimonies from previous walks…..Wow! Like the last two days of Romania.

Here’s a little excerpt from the Romanian Cross walk blog…..

“After Friday nights excitement in 18 people getting saved I was ready to come home…that was good enough for me! But there was more to come.
We knew that the pastor of Elim Bucharest was expecting us to minister in his morning meeting… But didn’t know that it Bucharest would include many people healed, words of knowledge flowing, a last minute preach at a Vineyard church, loads of young people filled with the Spirit, and a congregation kneeling in surrender to the call to mission, with Alan clambering over rows of chairs to pray for folk! Oh… And a special dinner paid for by mafia!!”

It’s easy to forget what God has done! Let’s document our history with God just like the children of Israel did in rehearsing the miracles to create a heart culture of thanksgiving!