Our launch into Wales happened yesterday at Kingsway chapel, Chester…and who was the pastor? A former BBI fellow student ‘Geoff Thompson’. A man with a massive heart for God and people!

3 people received Christ!

In the morning Alan preached an amazing message about living sold out for Jesus which was a reasonable response to our election….. powerful stuff! I wanted to get saved!!!

After the service a guy called Chris whose marriage had broken up got really convicted and gave his life to Jesus in a side room, prayed with Alan.

Lunch was provided back at a lovely Bulgarian family’s home. Nadia and Velcro, Cokey and Valentina.

Valentina a young lady of seventeen years, just finished school and had been to her prom. It was obvious talking to her that she was in a rebellious phase to God and her parents religion. ( which she willing admitted later that evening)

In the evening whilst preaching at the Bulgarian meeting I left the platform and walked to the back where she was and prayed for her….. she said that she became afraid of God and started to weep…

Valentina wasn’t the only one that evening to give her life to God, this lady on the front row came forward in floods of tears and received Christ and told the pastor she felt fire on her her head and all down her back.

Robbie Owen got stuck in praying for lots of people for healing and freedom! What a “top fella”. Thanks Robbie for ferrying us around and serving the brothers.

The church were generous to us in every way….Thanks again Geoff… we salute you!

And now this morning we begin to walk south from Wrexham…. thank you for your prayers!