Before getting on the road this morning we felt led to hang around in Newtown for a while.

It didn’t take long before we got stuck in…

I used the question from Mathew 16:13-16… Jesus asked his disciples, ” who do people say that I am? Then Jesus asked them direct, “Who do you say that I am?

So outside Costa I asked this guy Pete, ” who do you think Jesus was? his partner Sharon said, ” I think he was a really good man that clearly helped people. Then it was Pete’s turn, “I think he was God and man all in one”!!! Which is an amazing answer considering Pete was only telling me a few minutes ago that he wasn’t religious and he didn’t believe!!

There’s something about this ‘Jesus question’ that opens the heart for revelation! ( like of which happened to Simon Peter)

Alan then shared with Pete and Sharon how Jesus had transformed his life…it was amazing the work God did in both their lives! We spent well over an hour chatting but before we left I got a chance to speak to Sharon as the Holy Spirit gave me inside stuff for her….

As I spoke Pete and Sharon looked at each other several times to acknowledge that it was hitting the spot…. I’m so glad this happened because previously Sharon had mentioned interest in spiritualism. Thank God that we carry the true spirit of prophecy and not the Occult!

Pete and Sharon just happened to drop this little fact out towards the end….”we have ‘born -again Christians living next door, they are lovely people!”

Haha…. just as I thought, our job was to nudge this couple in the right direction…another God encounter for them as they journey towards Salvation.

Sharon was happy for me to pray with her before they left….

On the other side of the road 10 minutes later Alan was praying with this young man who was suffering from some mental illness…. suicide was mentioned! Pray for Jacob…. he was so blessed as he rode off.

I met a Christian called Janet

who was really encouraged to meet us.

and later what a privilege we had to share the Father’ love we these two young ladies….

Their question was, “If God loves me why are we both on drugs and I don’t know my Father?”

it’s a privilege for us to minister on the streets to such precious youngsters as these.