Today was the last day of us walking together, so we wanted to make it count. Our plan was to walk to Neath then on to Port Talbot, where Mike had a promise of a bed.

It was hot again, but we were shaded by trees for most of the morning. Then everything started to kick off as we approached Neath.

First of all a car pulled over and a guy called Keith jumped out, because he had been looking for us. He had overheard some friends talking about us last night at the pub. So he worked out where we would be and began to hunt us down. We had a great chat, and he acknowledged that although he wasn’t a believer, some of his family were.

Al was able to pray with him to receive his own revelation of Jesus.

Not long after that we met a mother and daughter, Deborah and Brooke. Brooke had seen us on YouTube and was really keen to speak to us. She and her mum had been living in a refuge and just today had received the keys to their new home.

Brooke said she was keen to go to a church but was struggling with anxiety and other issues. She was really excited to hear that Jesus could make his home in her life also. A few minutes later she was inviting Christ into her life, right in front of her mum!!

How brilliant is that?

It was really hot as we passed through Neath. Mike crossed the road to a petrol station to get water while Al waited in the shade. A lady Called Jan who had driven past us earlier invited us to the local Baptist church for a cuppa, we never turn down an invitation.

During our refreshment break, the pastor Lynn offered to drop Al to Cardiff to catch the train home.

So the boys parted company, till next time. Please continue to pray for Mike as he heads for the finish line in Swansea.