This morning we left God’s provision through Alan’s old friends Roger and Debbie…. a lovely Christian couple

What a view from the back garden!

A quick visit to Merthyr town centre before off to Glynneath…. we both felt the hopeless ness in this town which made us sad so we prayed for sometime before hitting the tarmac.

walking was really dangerous on the A465, some of the worst we’ve experienced in Europe!! Praise God for Cycling routes…

On the road to Glynneath, some good chances to witness for Jesus

God’s provision on this trip has been amazing as always…. this morning about 11, Alan got a text it read . ” a lady you have never met called Mary has arranged for you to be put up in the ‘Lamb & Flag pub, bed, breakfast and evening meal!!!!!

The name of the pub comes from the symbol of Christ as the victorious Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) of the Book of Revelation, carrying a banner with a cross, and often gashed in the side.

We heard that Mary recently had a knee replacement that has not healed properly, so her husband Alwyn collected us from the pub so we could visit her and pray…