It was a twelve kilometre walk through the mountains to the edge of Spitak this morning….not a cloud in the sky!

On the road, a car stopped and enquired…Alan went over, they could speak English so he shared the gospel and prayed for them both..

After a short break we took the cross around town… lots of tracts went out, shared with police and THEN!!

Sometimes I feel an assertive spirit come on us. Like it’s time for breakthrough. A group of lads were stood round so I said to Alan our ‘top Evangelist’, “let’s go mate preach the gospel to these lads”.

So he did through our interpreter and none of them walked away! Later we saw one of the boys somewhere else in the town and he told us that he had responded by praying the prayer.

Well if he did with imparted faith and he meant it with his heart, then God would have taken him at his word

Tonight we are ministering to a church group led by our host!