Last night we had to stay in a hotel in Vanadzor and unfortunately got a bit ripped off! So half of our remaining kitty went! But we just laughed and recalled the numerous times when we have nothing, it get’s more exciting.

The least we have, great the provision will be!

The gospel teaches us this, Jesus fed 5000 with five loaves and then he fed 4000 with 7 loaves!! The least we have the bigger the miracle!!

So before starting today’s walk we stopped, gave thanks and recommitted our lives into God’s hands. 2 mins later Edward stopped on his bike, and asked if he could help in anyway!

5 mins later we are sat outside his family business, drinking coffee and enjoying a snack. ( well Alan did anyway!!!)

Mike started sharing the gospel with Edward as his English was quite good. It was a great conversation and he really got hold of the message!

One of his staff members came over and read the whole tract also.

Later Edward showed us around the family business, they make blankets and fill duvets with sheep’s wool. After washing it and drying it they then produce quilts etc. Edward then allowed us to pray for the business

Now this may not convince some but unlike worldly logic, Kingdom logic is different! Since we lost our our interpreter two days ago ( and we have nothing against interpreters!) we have had for more quality encounters and divine appointments!

5 mins later a driver stopped and said he was told by Malxaz from Georgia that we were in the country, so he hoped to find us…. but, what were the chances of that as he didn’t know our route!!

He has now arranged for his friend to pick us up at today’s destination, Margahovit. And take us to an apartment! Wow! Thank you Jesus.

20mins later we were straight into a another witnessing situation which resulted in this lady, Diana praying to receive Christ!!

And it’s only early into today’s walk…

Please keep praying for Alan and myself that greater miracles will follow.