It was a challenging day on Friday, in more ways than one. In the morning we had been really blessed, being invited in to a duvet factory and making a key contact on the roadside, plus seeing someone come to faith.

The challenge was that it was an uphill walk for 12km. Just as we passed the summit we were hit by a violent thunderstorm. We took shelter as Alan was carrying a 12 foot lightning conductor!!

Thankfully the storm passed quickly and we managed to dodge the worst of it. By 6pm we reached Margahovit, it was another 30minutes before we reached our destination. It was a campsite where they ran Christian camps in the summer.

Our host was called Hamlet, who we think was the caretaker. (He didn’t speak English). We managed to get a shower and a warm bed but no evening meal or breakfast. We were in a fairly isolated part of the country with very poor phone signal. Then things took a tturn for the worse……

Mike here, yeah last night was tough.
I won’t go into detail but it was looking like I needed an emergency operation, symptoms were pretty serious.
I never call my wife on a Cross walk for help…. not even when on a remote cafe floor in Bulgaria with ‘on coming’ symptoms of anaphylactic shock.( if you remember that one)
So Sarah knew it was serious!
Fear had got a hold of me which led to despair and strangely Condemnation.
My wife Sarah prayed me through the night and Alan was brilliant!
I know this probably all sounds a bit melodramatic but I believe spiritual forces were directing an attack at us….it seems us being here might just be important!
Last night, but for prayer, could have been mission over!
But “tears may last for the night but joy comes in the morning” and by joy… strength!

In the morning we set off for Dilijan early, to avoid the heat and get there for lunchtime. It was a shrewd move as there was no where to get food or drink on the road, till we got to the town itself.

Several times vehicles pulled over and we chatted with folk. 2 lads in a Mercedes pulled up for a chat, 30 minutes later they were back with breakfast for us at the side of the road!! This was the most welcome meal of the trip so far.

We walked through some beautiful countryside include the Dilijan national park. For about 10km we were accompanied by a stray dog, that nearly got run over about 10 times!!

We are now enjoying a little rest. We plan to join with a local church here at 3pm on Sunday afternoon. Please continue to pray for us. Your partnership in this trip is vital.