We got put in touch with a local pastor last night of the Evangelical church. The pastor asked us to preach and he would find an interpreter.

On the way to meeting the pastor, different people stopped us and read our gospel literature.

We met the pastor at the church and through Diana our interpreter we agreed on a 30min preach followed by ministry.

After the worship time it seemed as though the pastor was going for the preach instead!!! Then he led communion and after that the meeting was over! Haha…

He looked over to us and said, “Do you want to share anything?”

So we asked how long do we have, because people were starting to talk and relax. He told us we had 5 mins… then changed it to 2 mins.

Alan shared one quick story and I shared a prophetic word that was brewing whilst listening to the pastor.

I wasn’t gonna bother because time was up but the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me!

Straight after that, some brothers turned up in two cars, they had been telephoned by a brother called Sahak….. “we have bed for you.”

This family have given us their best and we are truly grateful… beautiful family!this is the view from there house

Tomorrow we make our way toward Lake Sevan