We walked out of Dilijan this morning overtaken, by a massive military convoy of troops and heavy guns. It was a reminder of Armenia’s precarious position surrounded by 2 enemy states.

The road out of Dilijan was much steeper than we were expecting and there was a very long tunnel through the mountain which we were not sure the authorities would let us walk through!

Before we reached the tunnel we were met by Daniel a young American guy who is part of IHOP. He had driven up from Yerevan to top up our supply of tracts, as we were down to our last 20 or so.

Daniel was able to drive us through the tunnel and dropped us off at a food court on the other side, where we had lunch.

In the afternoon we pushed on towards Sevan, but were stopped on many occasions to get into ministry situations.

We were invited into a fish shop, where we assisted the Grandmother share the gospel message with her children.

A short while later a guy called Gor pulled over. He was a successful Christian businessman who was missing the fulfilment of being involved in direct ministry, because he was so busy. A few moments later he was translating for us as another fish seller came to faith, on the shores of lake Sevan. So Gor was used of God, and Mike was able to pray and prophesy over him.

Not long after that Al was praying with tour bus driver at the side of the road.