Before getting on the main road yesterday it felt wrong to walk past a whole town without a visit. Who else would tell them about Jesus?

Her’s some pics of folk from Hrazdan and some reading the gospel

I found myself praying, “Send labourers Lord into this harvest!”

Before we got onto the main road, we had a quick rest and a drink.

Mike had a word for the waitress there and through google translate started sharing the gospel with Mariam.

Messages were passing back and forth until Mariam prayed to receive the Lord…

After praying for Mariam she immediately turned and patted her heart with joy to her colleagues.

12 km later we got picked up off the roadside by an American-Armenian brother ‘Sam’ and his wife. They took us to an Armenian Brotherhood church’ 20th Anniversary meeting.

Then tonight we are being taken to his Ranch….. Alan is so excited he can’t wait to get there