So we are almost at Yerevan, The last few days have got hotter as we have come down from the Highlands. Yesterday morning we got caught in a very welcome shower of rain. At lunchtime we stopped for something to eat a guy called Armen bought us lunch. He had seen us on the road and wanted to bless us. We are not sure what we ate, but it was like a cornish pasty fried in batter.

Last night we stayed with a lovely family in Ashtarak who own a winery.

This morning we began our penultimate days walk towards Yerevan . It was hot but thankfully we were spared the heat by a nice breeze. The air pollution from the traffic made us stop occasionally particularly when we were climbing hills.

Yerevan is now in site!

A guy on a fruit stall wanted to give us a watermelon, we had to explain we couldn’t carry it, so he gave us some pink lady apples instead.

Then we met a guy called Tigran, he ttook a tract and read the whole thing, his friend was with him but not really interested. Al asked if he would like to invite Jesus into his life. He said yes and prayed there and then, despite his pal looking a bit nonplussed.

we are now on the outskirts of Yerevan and will make the city proper on Friday. We are looking for a big impact and also opportunities to minister on Sunday.