We were only about 5 kilometres from Yerevan overnight, so we couldn’t wait to get into the city. From our hotel we had to cross a huge canyon first thing in the morning.

After about an hour we recognised whwere we were, right outside the apartment of the couple who hosted us when we first arrived!! We gave them a quick call and collected the tracts we couldn’t carry from nearly 2 weeks ago. We were all set for mission Yerevan.

Yerevan is a major contrast to the rest of the country, very affluent, modern buildings with lots of expensive shops and restaurants. It has a city centre to rival any European capital city.

On the way into the centre we met a South African guy called Johan, who is working hard to bring the churches ttogether. He is planning to do a prayer walk next October on a similar route to that we have just taken.

So it would appear that city folk are a little more sophisticated than country folk, so people weren’t quite so open as elsewhere in Armenia. Nevertheless we gave out loads of tracts in the city centre.

We had decided that the Armenian Genocide centre would be our finishing line as it seemed to us to be a place of major spiritual significance. It was a few kilometres from the city centre, with a final really steep climb.

Amazingly when we got there the place was almost deserted, which gave us the opportunity to raise the cross and pray for the nation. Both of us felt that this was in many ways one ofthe highlights of the trip as a real sense of intercession came upon us both.

We will share more about this in another post.

on our way back down we met a medical doctor called Hrant. Al was able to pray with him and Hrant prayed to receive Christ into his life.

we returned to the city centre full of joy and stayed there sharing the love of Jesus till it got dark.

Al and Mike with a Korean pastor from Seattle USA.