The finish line for our 2 weeks of walking was the Armenian Genocide centre in Yerevan. Many of us are familiar with the holocaust during world war 2, but perhaps not so many are familiar with the Armenian Genocide of world war 1 committed by Turkish/Ottoman empire. During this period up to 1,500 000 Armenians were slaughtered for their Christian faith.

It was a sobering experience disvovering this horrific history of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. The similarities between the Christian genocide of world war 1, and the Jewish holocaust of world war 2 are striking. Both were deliberate and systematic attempts to completely destroy a people group whom their oppressors deemed subhuman.

When we arrived at the monument the place was deserted and we were really able to take time to pray for the nation and the city of Yerevan.

we are aware that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church, and just as the blood of Abel crys out from the Earth for justice, so does the blood of the Armenian nation.

However there is a greater force at work. The blood of the martyrs crys out for justice from the Earth but the blood of Jesus cries out mercy from Heaven.

This is a powerful prophetic symbol. This obelisk is called Armenia reborn. It stands 44 metres tall and represents the rebirth of Armenia as nation. As we prayed the sun peeked out from behind, and although you can’t see it in this picture Mount Ararat stands directly behind it. What a powerful image of redemption!!

Armenia was the first nation on the planet to declare itself a Christian nation. Yet no nation can rest on it’s history. Every new generation needs a fresh experience of Jesus. We can give thanks for the faith of forefathers, but that will not save us. So we pray and believe for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in this land and renewing of faith for the next generation .