We visited two churches today, first the Word of Life church in Yerevan. A congregation of around 5000 people. They meet Saturday evenings and Sunday at 12.

Alan and I were shown to the front row, and after the service we were led by an usher to pastor Bagrat’s lounge for a chat and refreshments.

The pastor anointed Mike with oil and prayed over his health!The pastor gave us the name of their church leader in Hrazdan where we led a young lady to the Lord. The pastor was so encouraged to hear how The Holy Spirit made it clear that we should enter Hrazdan and how God used us there in prophetic declaration and Salvation.

Later we were invited to share with the Yerevan International church. Mike challenged the people with the Word and testimonies and after the pastor asked him to lead the church in ‘A Prayer for Revival’

The international church has a famous worship leader….David Brymer ( “you are worthy of it all…”)

But before we new this, Mike made a fool of himself by saying to David after the service,

” you can take this to the Lord if you want, but, you’ve got it all going on there David…. quality!”


David and his wife were having a really scary car ride to Tbilisi early this week, but they passed Mike and Al walking with cross by lake Sevan and as soon as they saw the cross they were filled with peace and assurance! Praise God we only found this out today!

On a serious note….once again as we come to the end of yet another unique mission. We would like to thank all who have prayed and encouraged us throughout the last couple of weeks. Your prayer is as important as our walking!