First the good news, the boys have made it to Alicante and will be flying home in 24 hours. However we arrived in a city gripped by fear. We were unaware that overnight 1500 more cases of coronavirus had been diagnosed overnight in Spain. We were also unaware of the closure of all bars and restaurants. Those who follow our travels will now that these places are the staple for some many Holy Spirit encounters.

This is the boys in Alicante. You may notice no one else is here.

We met a photographer on a motorcycle who asked to take pictures impressed by what we were doing. We bumped elbows as he commented, “This is not a good day to shake hands.”

Of the few people we did meet many did not want contact citing coronavirus. We had been so good on the road not eating fast food, we thought we would have a treat to finish. Unfortunately it was not to be.

However we were rescued by an English lady called Rachel who has taken us into her home. It appears that all church services have been cancelled tomorrow, but I think we maybe meeting with some Christians on the beach. Tomorrow.

I know there are a lot more people in worse situations than us, but if you can pray we get home safely tomorrow, that will be much appreciated.