We have been on lockdown in the united kingdom for almost a week, although it seems much longer! Just prior Alan, Jacob and Stephen walked from Javea to Alicante, finishing just as Spain was going into lockdown.

Halfway through the walk as we were leaving Benidorm we stopped for lunch and met a lady from Bradford called Angela. We had a great time sharing about Jesus with her and she even payed for our food. It was one of those times when you meet someone who is so ready and open to receive Jesus. The Holy Spirit was clearly at work and yet there was a pause. Angela was very clear that a decision to give her life to Jesus Christ was something she wanted to do in the privacy of her own home.

So fast forward two and half weeks. Angela is now back in the uk, she has got in touch and told me she has received Christ as her saviour. Brilliant news. So many times we can explain to people about how Jesus died for their sins and was punished in their place, so that they could receive a pardon from God. And so many times it can seem that the people don’t grasp the opportunity that stands before them. Here is the deal, if we will share the message of Jesus Christ his word becomes like a seed sown in the human heart. At the right time it will sprout forth into new life. We don’t know the time scale, it could be minutes or decades or anything inbetween. Nevertheless God’s word will always achieve what it was meant to do.