What do you do if you have 105000 unexpected visitors? This is the dilemma facing the city of Chernivtsi. Normally home to a quarter of million people, the city has opened their homes and their hearts to care for those who have been displaced by the war in Ukraine.

We were privileged to join together with family of God Baptist Church Chernivtsi as they continued to feed those in need for the 44th consecutive day. What began as just providing a hot cup of tea for those arriving has turned into providing a continuous supply of meals from 7 in the morning till 6 at night.

We met so many wonderful open hearted people, who work all day serving those who have been displaced

Oksana , one of many who are working behind the scenes, peeling onions

Many of those helping serve have been displaced themselves. Alex is from Bucha, but was staying in his holiday home, when the invasion began , within hours the village where he was staying was almost completely surrounded by Russian soldiers. For several weeks, he and the other villagers banded together, pooled their resources and helped each other survive. They even barbecued 2 whole pigs and shared it between 133 people, much to the distress of his vegetarian wife.

In Alex’s words “The beautiful city of Bucha”

On March the 9th they made a break for it, passing many Russian bodies in the street, before naking it to safety In Chernivtsi.

Alex, who normally designs mobile phone apps, serving tea and coffee for those displaced by war.

Alex freely admits, that he has heard hundreds of stories that are more harrowing, he sees himself to be blessed to escape and he is looking forward to the day that peace returns to the Ukraine.

Alan and Mike helping to unload the supplies from the van.

It’s such a privilege to be here and see so many people mobilised to serve those who fled with practically nothing.

Your financial support will definitely be contributing to this work!