This morning over breakfast we were told a little more about a young lady and her daughter who escaped Mariupol!

Ulia and her daughter Emily

Ulia and her little girl Emily 3yrs (her little girl is in shock)
They just managed to get out of Mariupol, her house was bombed! her Father who is a pastor has stayed to help his people!! The two of them made it across the border last night into Siret, Romania and stayed at the same church centre as us. She will now travel to Spain.

We knew that Ulia and Emily would be going to the service at Bethel Pentecostal and Alan and myself were to minister.

Alan began with a story from crosswalk and made a power point that God cares and goes after the individual!

I followed up with a word from Nahum 1:7

Pastor Liviu interprets for Mike

“The Lord is good! a Stronghold (refuge) in the day of trouble, for He knows (cares for) those who trust in Him”

This word was preached especially with Ulia and Emily in mind…. I came off the platform and we layed hands on them. After the service we were able to give her the Euros that the Mason girls + team ( from Stronghold church) raised through a cake sale recently outside their house!

Also at the end of the service, a lady who attended the church for 2 years but had resisted Christ the whole time….Came forward and gave her life to Jesus and asked to be baptised! Praise God.

Praying for Vielette immediately after she received Christ.

This was a brilliant way to finish!

So a quick lunch back at the pastor’s house and we were on the road for the first leg of our journey home. So back through the Carpathian mountains….and -3 degrees

Really mean this when we say, thank you so much for every prayer you have prayed…we literally stand on them on these missions!

Important notice: All the money donated has been divided and given to 3 churches who are doing a Stirling job!!

Pastor Daniel and Torch Church Debrecen, Hungary,

Pastor Liviu and Bethel Pentecostal Siret, Romania &

Pastor Ruslan ( and his right hand Taras) Family Church Chernivitsi, Ukraine

We have witnessed all 3 of these works first hand and feel very humbled to have done so!

It’s been a real privilege and honour for both of us, thanks for following the journey and thanks again for giving so generously!

Crazy brothers.