Feeding the five thousand.

What do you do if you have 105000 unexpected visitors? This is the dilemma facing the city of Chernivtsi. Normally home to a quarter of million people, the city has opened their homes and their hearts to care for those... Continue Reading →

Crossing Mountains and borders

Our plan this morning was simple, we had a contact in Siret Romania, so it was up early and get across from Hungary to Romania as quickly as possible. All that stood in our way was the Carpathian mountains and... Continue Reading →

Seeds sown eventually become seeds grown.

We have been on lockdown in the united kingdom for almost a week, although it seems much longer! Just prior Alan, Jacob and Stephen walked from Javea to Alicante, finishing just as Spain was going into lockdown. Halfway through the... Continue Reading →

The last plane

So after almost a whole day of lockdown apart from a sneaky visit to a hermitage, the boys were driven to the airport by our host Rachel. The atmosphere was quite eerie as roads were deserted, shops and restaurants shut,... Continue Reading →


First the good news, the boys have made it to Alicante and will be flying home in 24 hours. However we arrived in a city gripped by fear. We were unaware that overnight 1500 more cases of coronavirus had been... Continue Reading →

Something to cheer us all up!

A tough days walking from Villajoyosa to El campello, mostly open road with not many folk about. We were exhausted at the end, but thankfully have a bed for tonight in Busot. The final day's walk will take us to... Continue Reading →

The finding place

Lots of drama this morning, we were meant to leave this morning at around 9:30, however, when we got to the church building in Benidorm, we were prevented from entering the building by the police. Apparently overnight the building had... Continue Reading →

Shining light in the darkness.

This morning we walked into Benidorm. Previously we had prayed for the town recognising that there was a distinctly dark atmosphere over the area. As we walked we prayed that we would come as light in the darkness. By midday... Continue Reading →

Torquay reunited

We said goodbye to pastor Carlos in Calpe this morning, there was a big climb over the mountain as we headed for Altea. Stephen had picked up a few blisters on day 1 and had been struggling. Stephen sharing the... Continue Reading →

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