Blown off course.

We walked out of Tbilisi this morning with the sun shining and people in a receptive mood. After only a few hours we met George,who had come to faith in Jesus through reading the Bible. He had never been to... Continue Reading →


Running on pure Holy Spirit

Well, Ben and me met Alan at Heathrow at 2pm yesterday, got to Istanbul by 11pm. filmed a short video message at midnight for baptism service back home. Arrived in Tbilisi Georgia at 5:40am local time. Got to Church digs... Continue Reading →

These men are not drunk as you suppose.

The day started quietly, originally it would have been a 28 mile walk from Hastings to Ashford, but we were given a financial gift that enabled us to get the bus to Rye. Alan was more than happy to walk... Continue Reading →

“JoJo was a guy who thought he was a loner, but he knew it wouldn’t last.”

Fantastic day today, All about God taking care of the little details and men getting back in communion with Jesus. We set off from Eastbourne just before 10am, and were about 3 or 4 miles down the road before we... Continue Reading →

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